Learn Brazilian Portuguese with real-life conversations you'll never find in textbooks or apps.

Learn with Alexia (🇧🇷 native speaker) and Foster (🇺🇸 learning Portuguese) through interesting, fun conversations that will improve your Brazilian Portuguese comprehension and communication.

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An introduction to Fernando Pessoa {with special guest Marco Antonio!}

Fan favorite Marco Antonio (Alexia's dad) returns to the show to give us a primer on one of the most influential authors in the Portuguese language — Fernando Pessoa. 

Tim Bernardes

In this week’s episode, Alexia and Foster talk about one of the most amazing Brazilian Portuguese shows they have seen in a long time. Listen & improve your Portuguese...

How to pronounce the letter X in Brazilian Portuguese

In this episode, Alexia and Foster talk about the many different pronunciations of the letter X in Brazilian Portuguese. This is one of the most difficult sounds for P...

The pros and cons of city life

In today’s episode, Foster rants about his misgivings about living in a big city while Alexia politely corrects his Portuguese. 

A day in the park to improve your Portuguese

Alexia and Foster are recording live from one of their favorite parks in Portugal and giving some tips about how to improve your Brazilian Portuguese no matter where y...

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